Sven Neawolf
Mental-Darkcore Sound Producer
Industrial, Traumacore, Terrorcore, Darkcore, Doomcore, Techno, Noizecore, SadSong, Melancholy, Weirdcore, Sad
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neawolf (track) - Das Tor zum Schmerz -
 (album) - Schmerzgrenze -
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Press Kit By Sven Neawolf , Mental Darkcore/ Dark

Song : Schwarze Liebe die dich erhellt ...

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

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Sven Neawolf
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Sven Neawolf
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Sven Neawolf
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For immediate press release:

Meet Sven Neawolf, the Pioneer Perfecting Mental-Darkcore Music with a Soul-Shaking, Heavy Blend of Techno, Synth, and Piercing Vocals

"Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) Sven Neawolf takes listeners to the core of melancholy and sadness with Dark/Doomcore music that strikes the soul

Sven Neawolf is perfecting a musical genre of his own that takes listeners along a journey of deep, dark emotions. He calls his craft Mental-Darkcore, and it is a unique blend of techno, synth, and piercing vocals that have reached audiences around the world via social media and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Known as "Dark Angel", Neawolf has been honing in on his musical direction since 2005. Over that time, his album and single releases have been a reflection of a musical genre all of its own that has evolved into what it is today. Neawolf’s most recent albums, including ‘The Noize of Neawolf’, ‘Kalte Liebe’, ‘The Heart of the Black Angel’, and ‘Tränen aus Blut’, have demonstrated Neawolf’s evolution of Mental-Darkcore with a blend of industrial, Traumacore, Terrorcore, Darkcore, Doomcore, and Noizecore. Listeners tap into the soul of Neowolf when they listen to his music, and they often find feelings of repressed sadness and meloncholy come to the surface.

Neawolf’s artistry has gained him thousands upon thousands of followers across social media platforms, nearly 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, and thousands of streams per month. By offering a completely different glimpse into the human soul, Neawolf is captivating the minds of people around the world with music that resonates while being creepy, eerie, and striking.

His music can be put on repeat to offer a soundtrack of sadness, brutality, doom, and horror that is part of Neawolf’s continuous experimentation in the realm of Darkcore and Doomcore. This craft of Mental-Darkcore reaches the subconscious and stirs the soul in ways that listeners often find surprising.

Find Neawolf’s music streaming on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube. Learn more by visiting

Sven Neawolf – Biography

Sven Neawolf, born on May 27, 1976, in Magdeburg, is a prominent name in the world of Mental Darkcore. His journey began in 2005 when he immersed himself in the emerging techno and hardcore scene in Germany. Inspired by the pulsating rhythms and energy of these genres, Neawolf embarked on his own musical career as a producer.

Neawolf's musical style is characterized by a unique blend of hard beats and atmospheric sounds. He developed a preference for the darker and more intense forms of electronic music, which is reflected in his productions. His tracks quickly gained traction in the scene and were appreciated by renowned DJs and music enthusiasts alike.

In 2005, Sven Neawolf decided to take his passion for electronic music and media to a new level. He founded "Radio HardCast," an innovative online radio station specializing in hard electronic music. From 2005 to 2013, he operated this platform with great dedication and expertise. "Radio HardCast" quickly became a significant hub for fans of hard electronic sounds, providing a stage for both established and emerging artists.

Under Neawolf's leadership, "Radio HardCast" developed into an important node in the international electronic music scene. The programming included live sets, exclusive mixes, and interviews with leading artists. Through his work at "Radio HardCast," Neawolf significantly contributed to the promotion and dissemination of hard electronic music, helping to shape a global community of artists and fans.

Parallel to his work at "Radio HardCast," Sven Neawolf continued his successful career as a producer. He released numerous tracks that were highly regarded in the scene. His productions found their way into the sets of many well-known DJs.

After the conclusion of "Radio HardCast" in 2013, Sven Neawolf took a musical hiatus. In 2020, he founded his own label and began releasing his music, reflecting his passion and dedication to electronic sounds. His influence and innovation have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the scene.

Sven Neawolf is not only a talented musician and producer but also a visionary who has had a lasting impact on the electronic music landscape. His work has paved the way for many artists and inspired countless fans. With his tireless effort and creative energy, he remains a driving force in the world of electronic music.

Today, Sven Neawolf lives and works in Aachen, where he continues to produce new music and participate in various projects. His passion for electronic music and commitment to the scene remain undiminished, and he is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists and advancing electronic music.

Sven Neawolf - Mental Darkcore Conquers the World with Its Dark Sounds

In the depths of the electronic music landscape, Sven Neawolf has created a sound that pushes the boundaries of what is audible: Mental Darkcore. His music, a masterful blend of brutal beats, melancholic melodies, and profound lyrics, delves deep into the recesses of the human soul while simultaneously igniting the dance floor.

What sets Mental Darkcore apart from other genres is its raw intensity and emotional depth. Neawolf's music is not for the faint-hearted; it confronts listeners with their innermost fears and desires. His unflinching lyrics, often dealing with themes such as love, loss, and mental health, find perfect expression in his dark soundscapes.

But Neawolf's music is not confined to Germany. His unique blend of electronic sounds and emotional depth has garnered fans around the globe. His music has been used in a variety of media.

An exceptional artist who transcends boundaries. With his innovative genre and passionate performances, Sven Neawolf has established himself as one of the most sought-after artists in the Darkcore music scene.

Sven Neawolf - Black Angel (Schwarzer Engel)

Sven Neawolf, also known as the "Black Angel," has made a name for himself in the realm of Mental-Darkcore. His music is a captivating fusion of Darkcore, Sadcore, and Techno. Here are some details:

Origin of the Name:
The name "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) reflects the dark and emotional nature of Neawolf's music. It combines darkness with a certain angelic force that is expressed in his tracks. It's not just a stage name but also a symbol of the deep emotions and intensity of his music.

The Album "Black Angel / Dunkle Herzen":
Album: Dunkle Herzen :
Neawolf's album "Dunkle Herzen" starts with the track "Ich Bin Der Schwarze Engel Mit Dem Weissen Herz." It begins with a somber intro and evolves into a powerful hardcore track. Sven Neawolf's vocals are full of energy and emotion, adding an additional layer to the song. His sound is characterized by harsh, dark, and industrialized sounds, placing his music in the Mental-Darkcore category.

Emotional Depth and Intensity:
In his music, Neawolf addresses themes such as love, loss, pain, and hope. His tracks are profound and emotional, and the "Black Angel" represents this emotional landscape.

Influence and Impact:
Through his unique music, Sven Neawolf has shaped the name "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) in Mental-Darkcore. His tracks are characterized by a raw intensity that takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring dark sonic landscapes. Overall, Sven Neawolf is a talented producer who conveys deep emotions and dark atmospheres through his music. The "Black Angel" remains a fascinating part of the hardcore scene.

Sven Neawolf – Interview

Excerpt from the Ascendant Magazine interview on May 25, 2024, titled: "Sven Neawolf: The Dark Architect of Mental Darkcore"

  • Your moniker "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) symbolizes the dark and emotional nature of your music. Can you explain how this name reflects your artistic vision and personal identity?

The name "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) is a metaphor for the duality of my life. It represents the dark, tormenting moments and experiences, but also the desire to make a positive impact on people. This duality is reflected in my music, which explores both darkness and light. It's about finding a balance between opposites and creating a harmony that touches listeners on an emotional level.

In my artistic vision, the "Black Angel" symbolizes the freedom to be authentic and express emotions. It stands for the hope that can be found even in the darkest moments. Personally, I identify with this figure because it reflects my journey full of challenges, experiences, and ultimately, self-realization.

The "black" side represents the darkness, pain, and melancholy that often occur in my life. These themes reflect my own experiences with grief, loss, and anger, and also the darker aspects of human nature such as betrayal, violence, and destruction.

The "angel," on the other hand, stands for hope and light in my life and music. It represents my quest for love and redemption, that there is hope even in the darkest times. The "Black Angel" is thus a symbol of the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, hope and despair. It's an inner battle that each of us knows and that I process in my music.

With my music, I want to touch people emotionally and help them confront their own dark emotions. At the same time, I want to give them hope and inspiration and show them that they are not alone in their pain.

In summary, the name "Black Angel" is an important part of my personal identity.

  • What three words would you say best summarize your music as a whole?

To describe my music, I would choose the words emotional, brutal, and transformative. These three words capture the essence of my musical creations and reflect the experiences I aim to convey through my music. My music is emotional because it comes straight from the heart and aims to touch the hearts of others. It is brutal because it addresses inner pain. And it is transformative because it has the potential to change listeners and open new perspectives for them.

  • Mental Darkcore is known for its raw intensity and emotional depth. How do you balance the brutal beats with the melancholic melodies in your compositions?

Mental Darkcore is a genre that takes listeners on an intense journey through soundscapes. In my compositions, I strive to create a balance between hard beats and melancholic melodies. I play with volume and intensity to create contrasts that captivate listeners. The brutal beats provide a powerful foundation, while the softer, melancholic melodies open up space for emotion. I build tension and then release it, guiding listeners from dark, intense moments to lighter, more hopeful passages.

Through these elements, I create a musical experience that captures both the raw energy and the emotional depth of Mental Darkcore, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the music. Finding this balance between brutal beats and melancholic melodies is a constant challenge, but it’s also one of the aspects that make my music so unique and rewarding for me.

  • What exactly does your song-writing process look like?

My songwriting process is a blend of personal experiences, technique, and a love for experimentation. It all starts with a life experience, and I search for a melody or rhythm to match it, visualizing everything as if it were a film. Often, I process my own thoughts, which become the starting point for a new track. Then, I create the basic framework of the song.

The melody is the heart of my music. It carries the emotions and forms the foundation upon which everything else is built. Once I have the melody, I work on the arrangement and add various instruments. Here, I experiment a lot with timbres and textures to create the right atmosphere. The lyrics, if present, complement the melody and amplify the emotions I want to convey.

A crucial part of my process is experimentation. I use different techniques like sampling, synthesis, and mixing to create unique sounds. The process is very intuitive and varies depending on the song and mood.

Once the basic structure of the track is in place, I fine-tune it. I listen to the song repeatedly, adjusting small details.

Overall, my songwriting process is very flexible and doesn't follow a rigid pattern. It's about finding the right mix of emotion and technique, and always being open to new ideas and experiments.

  • As someone who experiments with unconventional sounds and structures, what are some of the most unusual or innovative techniques you’ve used in your music production?

As a producer of experimental electronic music, my creative process is heavily influenced by the quest for unusual sounds and innovative approaches. One technique I often use is field recording. I capture ambient sounds, whether it's street traffic, city noises, or the sounds of objects, and integrate these into my music. These natural sounds add a unique texture and depth to my tracks.

Granular synthesis is another method I enjoy applying. This involves breaking a sound into tiny fragments and then reassembling them, leading to fascinating and unexpected sonic results. Algorithmic composition is also part of my repertoire. Using software, I generate musical structures, allowing me to create complex and organic soundscapes that would be difficult to produce manually.

Ultimately, it's about continually offering my listeners new and captivating sonic experiences and pushing the boundaries of music production.

Artist Sven Neawolf
Profile page
Origin Aachen, Germany
Date of birth 27.05.1976 (Magdeburg, Germany)
Beginning as a producer Starting in 2005

Due to personal circumstances, there was a break from 2013 to 2022.
Comeback in mid-2022.

Genre Mental-Darkcore
Dark-Techno, Traumacore, Terrorcore, Doomcore, and Darkcore
Musical Style Intense, dark soundscapes, emotional growls, distorted vocals
Influence in Mental-Darkcore Known as the "Black Angel," (Schwarzer Engel) shapes the name with his music
  • The black angel with the white heart
  • I came just for you. I will protect and love you.
Current song The Noize Destroyer

Current album Kalte Liebe

Label Neawolf Records
LC 101196
Performing Rights Organization (PRO) GVL .de
GVL ID 2085792256
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Sven Neawolf, born Sven Schmidt

is a German Darkcore and Hardcore-Techno musician and producer from Aachen. His sound is diverse, spanning genres such as Terrorcore, Darkcore, Doomcore, Noizecore, and Hardcore-Techno.

Neawolf's works are often characterized by dark, melancholic soundscapes. A hallmark of his music is the use of emotional growls, lending the pieces an intense and powerful expression. He employs a blend of synthetic sounds and electronic instruments. Another key element of his music is vocal samples, often accompanied by growls.

Sven Neawolf's music is a fascinating fusion of various genres and styles, creating a unique sonic landscape. His tracks are marked by:

  • Innovative sound designs: Neawolf is always on the lookout for new sounds and textures. His tracks are rich in unexpected sound effects, creating a surreal atmosphere and taking listeners on an auditory journey.

  • Experimental elements: Neawolf is not an artist who confines himself to established paths. He enjoys experimenting with unconventional sounds and structures, giving his music an avant-garde edge and setting it apart from the crowd.

  • Atmospheric depth: Another standout feature of Sven Neawolf's music is its atmospheric depth. Through carefully placed sounds and effects, he creates an immersive environment that transports the listener to a world beyond the ordinary.

  • Overall, Sven Neawolf's music is a bold and captivating fusion of melody, rhythm, and innovation, continually redefining the boundaries of electronic music.

In Sven Neawolf's hard-hitting tracks

a raw and intense brutality manifests, drawing the listener into a dark sonic realm. Here are some elements that make his music so powerful and brutal:

  • Hard-hitting beats and fast rhythms: Neawolf employs aggressive, driving beats and rapid rhythms that accelerate the pulse and create an energetic atmosphere.

  • Distorted synthesizers and industrial sounds: His tracks are often infused with distorted synthesizers, noises, and industrial sounds, creating a gloomy and menacing mood.

  • Growls and distorted vocals: Neawolf utilizes growls and distorted vocals to heighten the intensity of his music. These often sound animalistic, conveying an aggressive, almost primal energy.

  • Hard-hitting basslines and sub-basses: The basslines in his tracks are deep, forceful, and impactful, generating a physical sense of intensity and brutality.

  • Themes of pain, darkness, and destruction: Neawolf addresses themes of pain, darkness, and destruction in his lyrics. These emotional contents amplify the brutality of his music.

  • Tempo changes and breakdowns: Through adept tempo changes and breakdowns, Neawolf creates moments of tension and release. These unexpected twists contribute to the brutality.

  • Overall, Sven Neawolf is a master at pushing the boundaries of the hardcore genre and creating a musical experience that is both intense and brutal.

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