mixset : Destruction 1 ... relax a little

Title Sven Neawolf
Ich Bin Gegen Hass Und Hetze Gegen Menschen Mit Persoenlichkeitsstoerungen
Sub-Title Manche Aufklaerer-Kanaele Schueren Mehr Hass, Als Dass Sie Der Sachlichen Aufklaerung Dienen
Type Track
Genre Break
Playtime 03:31
Album W/o
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Manche Aufklrer-Kanle schren mehr Hass, als dass sie der sachlichen Aufklrung dienen
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Sven Neawolf
I don't want to commit myself too much to one music style. I produce my sound based on my feelings. I try to process true stories. What comes out in the end, you can hear. But I am driven more by the epic and dark, sometimes very hard sound. My music is not for dancing, but for the head!  
Typically fast (180BPM+), loud and distorted breakbeat hardcore. Song structure is often non-linear: the breakbeats don't stay the same throughout the song, like in drum n bass, but rather different breaks are chopped, changed and mashed together. 


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