Sven Neawolf
Mental-Darkcore Sound Producer
Industrial, Traumacore, Terrorcore, Darkcore, Doomcore, Techno, Noizecore, SadSong, Melancholy, Weirdcore, Sad
neawolf (track) - Endlose Qual -
neawolf (track) - Hardcore Till Death -
 (album) - Schmerzgrenze -
 (album) - The Noize Of Neawolf -


Satans Resurrection Mix Set , By Sven Neawolf , Mental

Song : Endlose Qual ...

Title Sven Neawolf
Satans Resurrection
Sub-Title What's Wrong In The World?
Type Mixset
Genre Doomcore, Terror
Playtime 59:33

Welcome to the captivating world of Sven Neawolf, who explores the boundaries of electronic music with his unique mix set. Immerse yourself in the multifaceted realm of electronic music, inspired by love, emotions, and the dark side of life.

As a producer, Sven Neawolf is not only a creator of melodies but also an artist who juggles with terms like Gothic, Industrial Music, Synthwave, and Wave. His music creates a haunting atmosphere that permeates and lingers in memory.

The fusion of sounds and emotions in Sven Neawolf's mix set pays homage to the melancholy of life. If you're looking for experimental music that evokes deep feelings, then Sven Neawolf is the producer you should discover.

Sven Neawolf Sadcore-Song "Satans Resurrection" ; techno sad melancholy darkcore doomcore

Sven Neawolf - Your Black Angel

Sven Neawolf is a German music producer specializing in the Darkcore genre. His mix sets are a blend of hard beats, distorted basslines, and industrial-like soundscapes. They are characterized by emotions such as love, pain, sorrow, and hope.

In his mix sets, Neawolf brings together influences from various genres including hardcore, hardtechno, industrial, psytrance, and breakcore. In doing so, he creates a unique fusion of aggressive and melancholic elements. His music caters to both fans of hard electronic music and enthusiasts of experimental and avant-garde music.

Neawolf's mix sets are perfect for those seeking an emotional and challenging musical experience. They serve as an ideal means to disconnect from the world and immerse oneself in one's own thoughts.

Sven Neawolf's music is not for everyone. It is dark, intense, and sometimes even disturbing. However, for those who embark on the journey, it can be a transformative experience.

Neawolf's music serves as a form of catharsis. It provides a space where people can confront their own dark thoughts and feelings. The tracks are often personal and introspective, addressing themes such as love, loss, depression, and trauma.

Neawolf's mix sets are a fantastic way to explore the world of his music. They offer a diverse mix of tracks from various artists, all sharing a common theme: the dark side of the human psyche.

[Music genre]
Mental darkcore, based on true stories from his life that reflect different moods. Styles include terrorcore, darkcore, doomcore, speedcore, breakcore, noizecore and hardcore techno.
Looking for darkcore techno that helps you feel your feelings? Then listen to this mix set by Sven Neawolf. With its melancholic melodies, brutal, driving beats and emotional vocals, this mix is perfect for anyone who wants to let go and let it all out.

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Listen to Sven Neawolf's music on your favorite streaming services. The German musician Sven Neawolf is known for his unique blend of sad, melancholy, techno, darkcore and doomcore. You can enjoy Sven Neawolf's music on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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Based on tracks from the theme Neawore. Close your eyes and feel! In this mixset I tell a true story from my life. I process my experienced in music and sound. I try to get deep into the feelings with the sound. To reach and destroy the thoughts.
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Sven Neawolf
I don't want to commit myself too much to one music style. I produce my sound based on my feelings. I try to process true stories. What comes out in the end, you can hear. But I am driven more by the epic and dark, sometimes very hard sound. My music is not for dancing, but for the head!

Style of hardcore techno which generally focuses on slower BPMs and hence finds its power in doomy sounds rather than speed.

Terrorcore is a faster variant of hardcore techno. It is noticeably different to some other hardcore genres like breakcore, which uses samples of breakbeat, and speedcore, which primarily concentrates on faster Tempo. Terrorcore is a difficult music style to describe because everyone has different interpretations of the music. Most commonly, terrorcore is described as many sounds synthesized to create a 'terror effect' on the music, with regular, and slightly louder sounds.

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