mixset : Sadistic Nightmare ... when you realize you can't help everyone

Title Sven Neawolf
Lucid Dream
Sub-Title Leave The Real World Behind
Type Track
Genre Darkcore, Noize
Playtime 12:28
Album W/o
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Lucid dreams ... in which reality do you live? Control and steer your dreams - let things come true that would not exist.
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Sven Neawolf
I don't want to commit myself too much to one music style. I produce my sound based on my feelings. I try to process true stories. What comes out in the end, you can hear. But I am driven more by the epic and dark, sometimes very hard sound. My music is not for dancing, but for the head!  
Another name for the music style doomcore. Darkcore is a special music style within hardcore techno, which is predominantly intended to create a frightening / dark atmosphere. 
Noise refers to a genre that largely or completely replaces classical elements of music such as pure tone or sound with noises. This is accompanied by the abandonment of structures such as melodies or, more or less, rhythm.  


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