Sven Neawolf
Mental-Darkcore Sound Producer
Industrial, Traumacore, Terrorcore, Darkcore, Doomcore, Techno, Noizecore, SadSong, Melancholy, Weirdcore, Sad
neawolf (track) - Endlose Qual -
neawolf (track) - Hardcore Till Death -
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 (album) - The Noize Of Neawolf -


Techno Is Lifestyle , Compilation By Sven Neawolf ,

Song : Endlose Qual ...

Techno Is Lifestyle

album ... ... Techno Is Lifestyle
? NorwaySounds

Included tracks by Sven Neawolf (provided they are available on the website)
1 [05:00] After The Death

Techno Is Lifestyle

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Type Compilation
Label NorwaySounds
Release 07.04.2023
Date on which this track was officially released worldwide on all music stores and streaming services for the first time.
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Tracks 01: MeMo Cherri - Sunification (Mogical Records)
02: Taigherwuds - Hashish (Extended) (27H Records)
03: Bolz for Boys - Revolte (Klopfer Records)
04: Michael Grigat - Rave Thing (Techno Solution)
05: MaVor - Lost in Space (Katana)
06: Jean Lostebien & Franck FTC - Technology (FTCMZK)
07: NADARO - 9 to 5 (Extended Mix) (Evake Records)
08: Fhase 87 - French.Loops 11.A (FRENCH LOOPS)
09: FabeSh - Dance All Night (Ipsographic-records)
10: Lord of Bass - Midnight Shadow (Atmopera Media)
11: Theodor Nabuurs - Cocaine (Acid Overdose)
12: Klinkenberg - Green Veins (Ipsographic-records)
13: Stev-O - Lost Your Mind (Techno Solution)
14: IIKARUS - Yesterday (Iconicaudioempire)
15: Q-Walker - Desert (Crazydane 2k23 Remix) (Space Investigation)
16: Ascolta - Attacker (Guss Carver Remix) (Hypnocat Records)
17: Anhum - Psychosis (Animal Clinic)
18: Fabian Girard - Lay Down (Maketech Remix) (STRASSE E techno)
19: Drunx - Fungi Trees and Animals (Fugazy Entertainment)
20: Sebastian Recklebe - Frequency (Laut Und Deutlich)
21: Sven Neawolf - After the Death (Neawolf Records)
22: LeeOn - Acid 6 Lines (Technomaniac Records)
23: Fhase 87 - French.Loops Locked Grooves 04 (FRENCH LOOPS)
24: Ascon Bates - Robot Samba (Überground)
25: Toby Luke - Octane (Raw Rave Records)
26: Desolat - Bulldogballerina (Part2) (Offline Recordings)
27: Crazydane - Optieven__gauw (Crazydane Records)
28: Gimbal - Alone in the Dark (Aksone Remix) (Rapeseed Cultivation Records)
29: Johnny Organ - Happy Ensemble (Hawaiin Mix) (Bluebell Records)
30: Xilef - Bad Times (Laut Und Deutlich)
31: Theodor Nabuurs - Better (Acid Overdose)
32: Elektrik Ryhno - Party Animals (Groove Salvation Remix) (NO PAIN RECORDS)
33: Andreas Lauber - Brainstorm (Bassnation Rec.)
34: Ecsid - Kahlschlag (Ecsid records)
35: Dominik Becker - Chainreaction (Klopfer Records)
36: Vodù - Miracle ((No Vocal Blast)) (Balearic Vibes)

Techno Is Lifestyle is the compilation-album by NorwaySounds - dark, emotional, and experimental sounds. The album blends various genres, including hardcore, hard techno, industrial, and psytrance.

Sven Neawolf - Your Black Angel

[Music genre]
Mental darkcore, based on true stories from his life that reflect different moods. Styles include terrorcore, darkcore, doomcore, speedcore, breakcore, noizecore and hardcore techno.
Looking for darkcore techno that helps you feel your feelings? Then listen to this song by Sven Neawolf. With its melancholic melodies, brutal, driving beats and emotional vocals, this mix is perfect for anyone who wants to let go and let it all out.

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Listen to Sven Neawolf's music on your favorite streaming services. The German musician Sven Neawolf is known for his unique blend of sad, melancholy, techno, darkcore and doomcore. You can enjoy Sven Neawolf's music on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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