mixset : Biomechanik ... don't just see yourself as flesh and blood - be a machine within yourself

Title Sven Neawolf
Brutal Death
Sub-Title There Were Too Many For You And They Fought Unfairly
Type Mixset
Genre Doomcore, Terror
Playtime 1:03:13
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/svenneawolf/neawolfs-neawore-brutal-death
HearThis https://hearthis.at/neawolf/neawolfs-neawore-brutal-death/
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Based on tracks from the theme Neawore. Close your eyes and feel! In this mixset I tell a true story from my life. I process my experienced in music and sound. I try to get deep into the feelings with the sound. To reach and destroy the thoughts.
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Sven Neawolf
I don't want to commit myself too much to one music style. I produce my sound based on my feelings. I try to process true stories. What comes out in the end, you can hear. But I am driven more by the epic and dark, sometimes very hard sound. My music is not for dancing, but for the head!  
Style of hardcore techno which generally focuses on slower BPMs and hence finds its power in doomy sounds rather than speed. 
Terrorcore is a faster variant of hardcore techno. It is noticeably different to some other hardcore genres like breakcore, which uses samples of breakbeat, and speedcore, which primarily concentrates on faster Tempo. Terrorcore is a difficult music style to describe because everyone has different interpretations of the music. Most commonly, terrorcore is described as many sounds synthesized to create a 'terror effect' on the music, with regular, and slightly louder sounds. 


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