mixset : Burn in Hell ... you didn't do this to her for nothing!

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Title Hellstorm Of Distortion
Type Album
UPC 859767865618
1 [09:44]     Nocturnal Beast
Creature Of Brutality
2 [08:02]     Don't Be Too Shy
It Only Causes Pain In The Head
3 [09:42]     Angel Of Despair
The Last Days To The End
4 [08:47]     Black Wings Of Fire
When Your Heart Turns Black
5 [10:03]     Last Craving For You
The Bloody Tears Of The Black Angel
6 [09:48]     Behold I Am Coming
Drenched In Black Blood
7 [08:57]     Young Black Rose
A Soul Blooming In A Tear
8 [09:38]     Dark Opus Of Hell
Our World Beneath The Sky
9 [10:43]     Blood Raven
Angel Of Darkness And Light
10 [08:26]     Tears In The Dark
I Am The Chaos And Lust
11 [08:27]     She Holds My Heart
Woven Into Sorrow
12 [06:01]     The Final Walk
Mental Cruelty
13 [04:54]     Total Brain Crash
I'm Sorry
14 [08:18]     Massive Brain Destruction
I Am The End
15 [09:00]     Mind Breaker
She Goes Again
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Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/hellstorm-of-distortion/1657885635
Amazon Music https://www.amazon.com/music/player/albums/B0BNXT7VNF
Bandcamp https://neawolf.bandcamp.com/album/hellstorm-of-distortion

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