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Press: Sven Neawolf: The Dark Architect Of Mental Darkcore

Song : Schwarze Liebe die dich erhellt ...

Press Article

25.05.2024 - Ascendant Magazine

Sven Neawolf: The Dark Architect of Mental Darkcore

Sven Neawolf, is a pivotal figure in the Mental Darkcore scene - born in Magdeburg and now based in Aachen, Neawolf’s career began in 2005 within Germany's techno and hardcore scene. His unique blend of hard-hitting beats and atmospheric soundscapes has made him a standout artist. After founding the influential "Radio HardCast" and running it from 2005 to 2013, Neawolf took a hiatus, only to return stronger in 2020 with his own label, Neawolf Records.

One of Neawolf's most significant contributions to the Mental Darkcore genre is the album "Dunkle Herzen," featuring the track "Ich Bin Der Schwarze Engel Mit Dem Weissen Herz." This piece exemplifies his ability to blend somber intros with powerful hardcore elements, creating a soundscape that is both immersive and emotive. The moniker "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) reflects the duality of his music—dark yet hopeful, brutal yet beautiful.

Today, Sven Neawolf continues to produce his own songs, and his latest track, "In meinen Gedanken," released in May 2024, is a testament to his enduring creativity and passion. As he nurtures the next generation of artists and explores new sonic territories, Neawolf remains a driving force in the world of electronic music. Follow Sven Neawolf on his social media platforms to stay tuned on her future music releases and news! Listen now on Spotify:

"With my music, I want to touch people emotionally and help them confront their own dark emotions." - Sven Neawolf

Hello, Sven Neawolf! Thank you so much for joining me today. First things first, how did you first discover your passion for music?

Sven: It’s a great pleasure to be here with you. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by how music can evoke emotions. The sounds of instruments and melodies deeply moved me. Music felt like a language that speaks directly to the soul.

Artists like Aphex Twin and The Prodigy inspired me to produce my own music. I experimented with various styles and genres until I eventually found my own style, which I call “Mental-Darkcore.” My music is a blend of Techno, Darkcore, Doomcore, and Traumacore. It is often dark and emotional, yet at the same time driving and captivating.

Your moniker "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) symbolizes the dark and emotional nature of your music. Can you explain how this name reflects your artistic vision and personal identity?

Sven: The name "Black Angel" (Schwarzer Engel) is a metaphor for the duality of my life. It represents the dark, tormenting moments and experiences, but also the desire to make a positive impact on people. This duality is reflected in my music, which explores both darkness and light. It's about finding a balance between opposites and creating a harmony that touches listeners on an emotional level.

In my artistic vision, the "Black Angel" symbolizes the freedom to be authentic and express emotions. It stands for the hope that can be found even in the darkest moments. Personally, I identify with this figure because it reflects my journey full of challenges, experiences, and ultimately, self-realization.

The "black" side represents the darkness, pain, and melancholy that often occur in my life. These themes reflect my own experiences with grief, loss, and anger, and also the darker aspects of human nature such as betrayal, violence, and destruction.

The "angel," on the other hand, stands for hope and light in my life and music. It represents my quest for love and redemption, that there is hope even in the darkest times. The "Black Angel" is thus a symbol of the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, hope and despair. It's an inner battle that each of us knows and that I process in my music.

With my music, I want to touch people emotionally and help them confront their own dark emotions. At the same time, I want to give them hope and inspiration and show them that they are not alone in their pain.

Sven: To describe my music, I would choose the words emotional, brutal, and transformative. These three words capture the essence of my musical creations and reflect the experiences I aim to convey through my music. My music is emotional because it comes straight from the heart and aims to touch the hearts of others. It is brutal because it addresses inner pain. And it is transformative because it has the potential to change listeners and open new perspectives for them.

Mental Darkcore is known for its raw intensity and emotional depth. How do you balance the brutal beats with the melancholic melodies in your compositions?

Sven: Mental Darkcore is a genre that takes listeners on an intense journey through soundscapes. In my compositions, I strive to create a balance between hard beats and melancholic melodies. I play with volume and intensity to create contrasts that captivate listeners. The brutal beats provide a powerful foundation, while the softer, melancholic melodies open up space for emotion. I build tension and then release it, guiding listeners from dark, intense moments to lighter, more hopeful passages.

Through these elements, I create a musical experience that captures both the raw energy and the emotional depth of Mental Darkcore, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the music. Finding this balance between brutal beats and melancholic melodies is a constant challenge, but it’s also one of the aspects that make my music so unique and rewarding for me.

I use a variety of sound design techniques to give my tracks depth and atmosphere. These include techniques like distortion, reverb, and delay. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to produce Mental Darkcore. The balance between brutal beats and melancholic melodies ultimately comes down to personal taste. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and striving to develop my own unique sound.

Founding "Radio HardCast" was a significant milestone in your career. What inspired you to create an online radio station dedicated to hard electronic music, and what impact do you think it had on the scene?

Sven: The founding of "Radio HardCast" was a labor of love for me. As an artist and fan of hard electronic music, I noticed there was a community yearning for a platform dedicated solely to this genre. I wanted to create a place where the energy and passion of this scene could be celebrated. "Radio HardCast" was meant to be more than just a radio station—it was intended to be a space for discovery, discussion, and the promotion of hard electronic music culture. My goal was to create a community that brings together artists and fans, celebrating the diversity and creativity of this genre.

Since its inception in 2005, "Radio HardCast" has had a significant impact on the scene. The station gave a voice to many artists who might have otherwise been overlooked, expanding the reach of this music. It strengthened the community by bringing fans from around the world together. "Radio HardCast" helped positively influence the perception of hard electronic music, establishing it as a serious and diverse art form.

For me personally, founding "Radio HardCast" was a major milestone in my career. I had always been a passionate fan of hard electronic music and was frustrated by the lack of opportunities to hear this music. Most radio stations played only mainstream pop or rock, and there were few niche stations for harder genres.

With "Radio HardCast," I wanted to create a place where DJs could showcase their mixes and artists could promote their new music. It was also meant to be a place where fans could connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. The station quickly became a popular destination for fans of hard electronic music and provided a platform for thousands of artists.

Sven: My songwriting process is a blend of personal experiences, technique, and a love for experimentation. It all starts with a life experience, and I search for a melody or rhythm to match it, visualizing everything as if it were a film. Often, I process my own thoughts, which become the starting point for a new track. Then, I create the basic framework of the song.

The melody is the heart of my music. It carries the emotions and forms the foundation upon which everything else is built. Once I have the melody, I work on the arrangement and add various instruments. Here, I experiment a lot with timbres and textures to create the right atmosphere. The lyrics, if present, complement the melody and amplify the emotions I want to convey.

A crucial part of my process is experimentation. I use different techniques like sampling, synthesis, and mixing to create unique sounds. The process is very intuitive and varies depending on the song and mood.

Once the basic structure of the track is in place, I fine-tune it. I listen to the song repeatedly, adjusting small details.

Overall, my songwriting process is very flexible and doesn't follow a rigid pattern. It's about finding the right mix of emotion and technique, and always being open to new ideas and experiments.

Your latest track, "In meinen Gedanken," was released recently. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song and how it fits into your overall discography?

Sven: "In meinen Gedanken" is a track that reminds me of a past love. The track is not just a personal expression of my thoughts about someone, but also a bridge between the past and the future. It reflects themes of grief, loss, and loneliness, offering comfort and support to those who have experienced similar feelings.

The reactions to the song have been very positive so far, and it fills me with joy to see how it touches people and makes them feel less alone. I am grateful for the support and hope that "In meinen Gedanken" will continue to accompany people on their emotional journeys.

As someone who experiments with unconventional sounds and structures, what are some of the most unusual or innovative techniques you’ve used in your music production?

Sven: As a producer of experimental electronic music, my creative process is heavily influenced by the quest for unusual sounds and innovative approaches. One technique I often use is field recording. I capture ambient sounds, whether it's street traffic, city noises, or the sounds of objects, and integrate these into my music. These natural sounds add a unique texture and depth to my tracks.

Granular synthesis is another method I enjoy applying. This involves breaking a sound into tiny fragments and then reassembling them, leading to fascinating and unexpected sonic results. Algorithmic composition is also part of my repertoire. Using software, I generate musical structures, allowing me to create complex and organic soundscapes that would be difficult to produce manually.

Ultimately, it's about continually offering my listeners new and captivating sonic experiences and pushing the boundaries of music production.

Sven: My music is meant to be a source of inspiration, love, and comfort, encouraging listeners to explore their own emotions and connect with the deeper layers of their consciousness. I have two main goals for my music: to create a strong emotional resonance and to provoke thought.

I want my music to touch people on various levels. Emotionally, it should deeply move them, while also instilling a sense of hope and providing personal support.

Ultimately, I strive for my music to have a positive impact on the world. It should inspire people to seek change, offer solace, and encourage them to engage with themselves and their surroundings. If my music helps someone find a moment of clarity or peace, then I have achieved my goal.

In the ever-evolving music scene, how do you stay inspired and continue to push the boundaries of your music? What sources of inspiration do you draw from in your everyday life?

Sven: In the ever-changing music landscape, I find inspiration from many different sources that continually evolve my music. My own life experiences play a significant role in how I create soundscapes. Love, relationships, and loss stimulate my imagination. Personal experiences and interactions with fans also greatly influence my music. This constant flow of inspiration keeps me open to new ideas and allows me to continuously experiment.

To stay innovative in this dynamic music scene, I am always experimenting with new techniques and sounds to keep my music fresh and exciting. The world around me—whether it’s encounters with people or experiences of love and loss—constantly provides new impulses that fuel my creativity.

Ultimately, for me, it's about preserving the joy of making music and staying open to new experiences and challenges. These diverse influences and the relentless drive to try new things keep my music alive and dynamic.

Published   25.05.2024
Author   Ascendant
Publisher   Ascendant Magazine
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